Assimilation – making the sounds near each other to be more like each other

Linguistics – The science of language

Morphology – The branch of linguistics, and one of the major components of grammar, that studies word structures. E.g. science, scientist, scientifically; play/played, start/started

Phonetics – The general study of the characteristics of speech sounds

Phonology – The description of the systems and patterns of speech sounds

Pragmatics – The study of intended meaning in a social context e.g. if there’s a big party and someone asks “Would you like to come to my party?” “yes, ok.” – Really they mean “no”.

Semantics – The study if the meaning of words, phrases and sentences. the focus is on conventional meaning rather than what the words mean in a particular context or occasion

Syntax – The area of grammar that studies the rules that govern the ways in which words combine to form phrases, clauses, and sentences


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