Teaching Practice Checklist


Teaching practice checklist

Just making a note of some of the things I might want to include in my rationale of my SOW/lesson plans etc. This list will be adapted as I go through my work.

What models of literacy am I using in different activities? Session/course as a whole?
Margaret Keane’s Powerpoint (under reflection)
Ground rules
Self-assessment tasks – learning journal
Homework activity

  • DFES Diagnostic
  • DFES Miscue analysis
  • DFES Free-writing checklist
  • Handwriting analysis

As I’m working trough reading lists, trying new things out and adding things to my action plan, I realised that I needed to develop a teaching practice checklist to remind me to do things in sessions.


  • This website has some useful ideas – especially around scaffolding and developing autonomy
  • Speak first, write later!
    Doing writing after a discussion is easier
    We can scaffold the writing by using the sentence starters, or asking learners to think of their own – enables differentiation by outcome
    The group then can use the pieces of writing to construct a group poem


  • Scaffold feedback
    • ask them to find their errors
    • ask them to find  spelling errors (out of 10 possibly)
    • underline the errors for them – get them to work out why
    • encourage autonomy – underline errors, but ask them to write/study in their personal dictionaries/use dictionary/ask peers/ask tutor/use electronic aids
    • think about what’s going to be useful for them!

What to do if learners aren’t sure of something

  • need to build their strategies – i.e. ask each other, use dictionaries etc, use internet – we all need a way to reassure us that our skills learnt are correct

Setting objectives

  • Make sure learners know why they’re doing something – any better ways to do this?


Make sure I try some of the different homework activities.


Do I naturally lean to the deficit model??


Reading checklist – thing to think about when planning reading.

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