Changing Faces of Adult Literacy and Numeracy


I’m (very) slowly working my way through the book list. It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious reflective reading. There may be the odd article here and there, or a sum-up mentally. Here’s to documenting!

The book takes novices, and I consider myself still a novice, through the history of adult literacy, numeracy and language. When I completed CELTA I became aware that I didn’t understand everything. I volunteered at a SFA outreach programme which opened up worlds I had never known existed.

Reading through chapter 1, one thing became evident. it didn’t feel like the author was describing the 1970s’ education system but the current one to some extent. Page 4 goes on to describe how there were no dedicated spaces for the tuition and learning often took part in unconventional and sometimes inappropriate venues. When adult literacy, language and numeracy (ALAN) entered under the boundary of further education (FE), it ‘inevitably left some activities and some people outside the formal, business-orientated space of FE’.

The book continues to explain the struggle the 80s and 90s sow but I suspect it is difficult to put into context as so much was changing. It has been really useful so far to gain a greater understanding of the historical aspect of the skills sector I am working in.

To be added to my action plan

Continue reading book and follow up on references cited in Changing Faces of Adult Literacy and Numeracy



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