Being scared of public posting


I’ve always been worried about posting publicly. I can recall times I’ve made a bold statement about teaching in a meeting, with colleagues or just in my own head. Then comes the article which dispels your thoughts as mush. The embarrassment.

This is part of learning though. My way of learning maybe? When I tell people of my struggles with teaching, too many suggest the alternative to perfection as ‘care less’. I can’t accept that. I see I’m responsible for my learners’ learning and I’m not the sort of person who can rest if everything’s not logically thought out. I need time and interaction to learni need reassurance.

Most people won’t challenge what you say. Most people stay silent when you try to ask a thought-provoking teaching question. Why? Maybe they’re just busy. Maybe they wonder how you got your job. Maybe they don’t care as much as you do. Maybe they just don’t know but won’t admit it?

What’s funny though is that in the online world, people are far more honest if they disagree with you. Or maybe it’s because the people who have an online presence are the ones who know more, as they’re evidently swapping Corrie time for Googling time. Maybe they’re the ones to interact and develop honest relationships with. Maybe putting yourself out there, even if you know you might be wrong, is a positive thing?

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