Time, computers and having a life!


Where do I start? A few weeks ago I lost the past 5 months’ worth of work. I felt like I’d lost someone close to me, and felt a little pathetic. The week I lost everything, our session was about literacy as a social practice, which made the loss even more poignant.

I have written notes up, some were typed up in word documents ready to be posted on here, but it looks like I’ll have to start again…so bear with me.

I’m finding that time is an increasing issue. I fully aimed to go back from every session and type my notes up, and reflect on them like a good teacher should. I’ve done this in some cases, but by no means all and I’m struggling to keep my ‘perfect’ records up! It doesn’t matter how many hours you teach, there is never enough time and life’s a constant balancing act. I’m working towards a more balanced life, but first I need to get back to it! I suppose the answer to the problem lies above, but I’ll choose to ignore that for now 🙂 as I find if I’m not thorough, I get even more lost. Hmmm.

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