Reading KWL and action plan


We completed a KWL grid for our own ‘reading’ learning, and read an extract from Wyse, D. & Jones, R. (2013) Teaching English, Language and Literacy

2014-12-22 23.03.44

KWL Grid and Reading Action plan

I need to add these points to my action plan:

  • More about top-down/bottom-up approaches
  • Research subskills more!
  • Frith – she did Life Scientific on Radio 4 – research!
  • Do more research on Searchlights model
  • Do more research on Rose Report/Simple View
  • I need to do more research to ensure careful phonics planning – buy Phonetics for Phonics book
  • Where to start with learners
  • That there are other strategies (language experience)
  • Word decoding – our brains scan through to find correct word and meaning
  • Miscue analysis
  • I also need to research some of the above more for my assignment, and I think buying Teaching English, Language and Literacy would help me in this

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