Language Experience


It seems there are many examples of how to use the Language Experience Approach with both ESOL learners, and children in US schools, but not many recent examples of adults in the UK who are using the method as first language speakers, or reflections of tutors who have. I attended a British Council workshop which focuses mainly on ESOL in the UK, but the series of modules are available on their website and are still a useful resource.

I do have some questions, so if any of you have any experience with LEA, I’d be interested in hearing from you!

Has anyone used language experience with adult first language speakers? What is your experience? How long did you spend with learners? What was their level to start with (roughly)/end with? Did you use other methods in this time? Did the learners like predictability of the method? Were they bored? How many hours did they have? Did anyone not respond, and if so, what did you do next?

I have to note as well that I’m a fan of this blog by Kate Nonesuch. I feel like I understand a bit more when I read her stuff. I like the bit about learners taking photos of texts from all around them. I think this would be difficult in a group setting with vulnerable clients, and a volunteer without a CRB. It wouldn’t be possible to accompany learners, but it might be possible to set them a homework activity and ask my line manager if I could buy a disposable camera. This could be a lengthy process as I see them once per week, but worth a go nonetheless.

On my internet travels, I found this video which helped me to see ways in which language experience can be used in an ESOL classroom as a way to create a group text easily.

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