Why I’m blogging


Long story short (it’s Christmas Eve, after all). I’m blogging for a few reasons:

  • A reflective journal was part of the teaching course I was doing, so some of it is a bit icky in places. I aim to rectify this when I’m speaking more freely in future. I work in a very diverse environment, and truly want to develop.
    • Said course has lasted way longer than expected.
  • I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts. A lot of this is for myself. Whether I’m right or wrong, I’m not looking to be laid into. I’m looking for a discussion. I’m the kind of person who needs to ask a stupid question before I realise it’s a stupid question. Then I go, ‘Oh, yeah’. Then we’ll be on the same page.
    • Plus, it’s part of my course to reflect/ask daft questions if I need to.
  • I want other people’s thoughts. I’m no expert. But I want to be on my way to being one, one day. Don’t you hate it when two identical words are side by side? Just me? Yeah, thought so.
    • And, I can use other peoples’ comments, and my comments as my CPD.
  • I had a blog, but:
    • No-one read it (on another free blogging site that shall remain nameless, and doesn’t have many (any) similar people on it.
    • I’m trying to move it all over to here (and have been for a while now), posting with the dates I’d originally posted on* (for the purposes of my course so it doesn’t look like I’ve made all this up in the last 2 days before I submit my work to them).*This is doing NOTHING for my current stats/visibility etc
  • As I’m sure you’ll gather if you read any more of my posts, I got broken into about 18 months ago. Possibly the worst thing that could happen to a teacher happened. They. Took. My. Laptop. Mid-term. The annoying thing is that I’ve done all of this once. I typed my notes, thoughts and plans up in Word and saved nearly all of them locally. So to be perfectly honest, the past year and a half has been trying to get everything I had back again.

So, it’s a bit of an apology really for it not being the World’s most egotistically exciting blog about teaching adults literacy/ESOL. It literally is an insight into my brain trying to do the best it can do. I feel quite alone most the time in teaching and I’m fully aware that people might read this and wonder what planet I’m on. Spare a thought for the teacher who is on their own. There’s no CPD activities as a whole department. No real guidance. No real support. Apart from a few part-time tutors I have, I am the department.

It’s now 1 minute past 12. Merry Christmas!

P x

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