As I’m on my journey, I thought I’d start a ‘where to go’ section for myself (and you) for resources and lesson ideas. Referenced where possible!


See English as a global language.


We teach many idioms in ESOL, but I have never even thought of covering idioms in literacy, and I have no idea why.

I think it depends on the purpose of the activity to be honest, and its validity in a learner’s development. You could do a similar activity to the one above (but maybe with more relevant examples to them). They could make a fun coded idiom letter to a friend.


Create a crossword where the answers start with some selected prefixes. You can obtain the necessary software from as suggested in SfLQI


Differences between formal and informal English in the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum, p. 99. as suggested in SfLQI


Source materials for work on synonyms, go to the online visual thesaurus at: as suggested in SfLQI

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